Letter: Who benefits from Willits?

I have had enough of this Willits crap. In the Monday edition of the Times (“Opposition mounts to Basalt’s sharing of sales tax revenue with developer,” Jan. 11), Tim Belinski crows about the merits of his Willits boondoggle: “The health of Willits is important to all of us.”

He must have a mouse in his pocket, as Willits’ health seems to be nothing more than a ploy to bring more people into the midvalley and then generate more illegal immigrants to come to work in the businesses, put more strain on the housing and stuff 15 people into a two-bedroom apartment built for four. Why do we need a city in the middle of the Roaring Fork Valley that just clogs the highways, creates crime similar to that of our neighbors south of the U.S. border and promotes unchecked growth? If the Kansas City, Missouri, Willits group can’t make it here, send it back on the train to Kansas City along with Belinski, where they can build their mega-profit centers as they wish.

James A. Wingers