Letter: Where’s the remorse?

Where’s the remorse?

An open letter to Mr. Alan Greenspan and former President Bush: Did you see the New York Times? Probably not, so I’ll tell you the headlines on one page that you both caused!

• “Two million workers will run out of federal unemployment benefits”

• “Food banks prepare what they expect to be a surge of people in need”

• “In Washington, partisan gridlock”

• “A Vietnam vet is bracing for possible homelessness”

Now I’ll connect some dots for you. Greenspan, as the Federal Reserve chair, raised interest rates 525 percent from 2001 to 2005. Not a “peep” to stop the madness from Bush and his economic team. Both knew that millions would go into mortgage default and destroy the housing market. Both knew of millions of business loans that would raise interest 525 percent and ruin and wipe out their bottom line and that many companies that would lay off 8 million hard working Americans with no hope.

Pardon my French, but you both and your supporters are heartless bastards to knowingly inflict such pain on your fellow Americans. How can you sleep at night? At the very least, you both should show some remorse for your conduct.

Richard Goodwin

Snowmass Village