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Letter: When ‘change’ is a four-letter word

It’s been three years since I moved to Los Angeles, which made my recent visit really special. I was able to walk around and really enjoyed the beauty of Aspen, which I’ll admit I took for granted at times during my 14 years living there.

During my visit, I attended the “pseudo” Base2 debate at Belly Up. The event reminded me that nothing had really changed — other than Maurice replacing Marilyn.

My last encounter with building the ever-elusive hotel room was over the Lift 1A project, which never happened.

Now, Base2 is front and center. Developer Mark Hunt has a track record in town — the Gap replacement building. It is pleasing to the eye and actually lower in height than he could have built. You would think that would earn him some “cred” — but it didn’t feel that way in the debate.

The debaters argued over a visual presentation chart (this was radio), which made it all that more insane.

The basic issues were tossed around, but the real issue to the former members of “Mick’s army” is the usual: that an outsider comes to town and, until he bleeds from his eyes, it is believed he has a secret agenda. I don’t know what Hunt is thinking. But I do know more hotel rooms would be a good thing, and replacing the gasoline station with a nice-looking building would be a better thing.

So, if I could vote — I’d vote “yes.”

Of course, if I could vote, that would mean I was still living in Aspen and that the “debate” I would have hosted might have been a bit more fun.

Andrew Kole

Hollywood, California

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