Letter: What’s up with the road rage?

To the driver who felt the need to threaten to gun us down in the intersection of Aspen and Main Street during the power outage, and to the guy behind him:

Where were you going in such a hurry? You may have had a blinking yellow light heading west on Main, whereas we had a blinking red light heading north on Aspen and turning left onto Main. But in an outage, you treat all intersections as four-way stops. If you had read the Pitkin County emergency alert update, you might have known this.

Yes, the Aspen Police Department could have done a better job to communicate this, but still, it’s times like these that we all need to make an extra effort to be nice and yield to one another, not use an SUV to threaten a 120-pound girl on a bike.

Several other cars stopped and waited to give us this right of way. You, however, couldn’t be bothered. The person behind you apparently had your back, as he yelled something akin to “You guys are (messed) up!” You were in the wrong. And even if you weren’t, as the dude once said, “You’re not wrong, Walter, you’re just an …”

Patrick Henry