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Letter: What’s the point?

The Aspen Times Weekly exceeded all measures of off-putting with the two columns dedicated to the “Hit and Run” political diatribe written by John Colson titled “Let them all dive into the Trump political dump” (Aug. 6-12). A “Weekly Conversation” (so titled)? I detected no openings for a real conversation. I love that Colson likens Donald Trump, Scott Walker and Jeb Bush to a “white-bread law firm” (white-on-white racism — precious!). Funny, no similarly colorful reference was made to Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz or Ben Carson. This thin line of thinking begs one to ask what could be more (stale) white-bread than Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren. Ugh.

Celia V. Specht

Key Biscayne, Florida