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Letter: What’s next, caged children?

So the turtles are not bothered by two iPads stuck on their back. And the dolphins are not bothered by people riding on their dorsal fin (because the dolphins appear to have smiles on their faces, so they must be happy), and the killer whales love doing stunts in an enclosed pool instead of swimming in the ocean, and the elephant babies love being separated from their moms so they can perform in the circus (even though they are one of the most family oriented and loyal animals on earth) and the horses in Aspen love trotting down the street with cars whizzing by them. How many more could I name?

What gives us the right as human beings to decide what unnatural behavior we should impose on animals?

All of these animals are being used for the enjoyment (and disregard) by people. What makes us so special as humans that we think we can take these beautifully created creatures and do whatever we want to do?

But wait, the Aspen Art Museum states that this abuse of the turtles is for “art.” What next? Maybe we should place lions in small cages as you enter the museum? Or maybe we’ll put children in small cages instead and call it art.

Marcy Newberger

McLean, Virginia