Letter: What’s in your water?

I am writing this letter to inform you about the toxic effects of fluoride on all life on this planet. The truth and the fact is that the fluoride that is dumped in our water by the local water departments is a toxic-waste byproduct from aluminum and fertilizer industries from China. It is not natural, meaning coming from nature. It is also a fact that it is accumulative in our bodies and can cause life-threatening diseases. This fluoride is fluoricillic acid, which is a well-known carcinogen. It should not be ingested at any level. Ninety-six percent of the countries in Europe and Canada have rejected fluoride. Also, 144 cities in the United states have stopped fluoridation or have rejected it from the beginning. More cities are fighting against it. There is a reason why people are fighting against fluoridation. It is mass medication without consent and very toxic to our bodies. Would you give your child a glass of water with arsenic or lead in it? Lead is the same toxicity as fluoride but equal to arsenic, so I doubt you would let your child ingest these toxins so why would you let them ingest fluoride? I think you should think about this and do your own research. Visit

Call your local water departments, and ask them to stop fluoridation. The Snowmass Water Department is at 970-923-2056, and the Aspen Water Department is at 970-920-5110. It is your right to choose what you want to put in your body. No one should be forced to be medicated.

Cris Cuda Dawson