Letter: What you can do for your community

Who will step up to plate to save their caviar, steaks, small businesses and housing projects for doctors, lawyers, dishwashers and the rapidly growing retiree numbers?

This is the commanding Pitkin County question posed to those who read “Resort facing projection of fewer visits in 2015/16 season” (Aspen Daily News, Oct. 16) and “Early bookings fall from last winter’s” (The Aspen Times, Oct. 16), don’t you agree? You definitely should if you do not agree!

You all cannot rest on your laurels and demand that Aspen Skiing Co. just lower its prices or make huge discounts to satisfy your lack of insight into affluent consumer marketing psychology and techniques.

I would like to see outspoken individuals in the “just say no” crowd, professionals, small-business owners and pontificators put their money where their mouths are and dish out cash money as individuals and as a collective to attract affluent consumers and business groups to Aspen and Snowmass Village instead of solely relying upon Skico, the Aspen Chamber Resort Association, Snowmass Tourism and more government pecuniary to help fill their cash registers.

You cannot expect and demand others to do everything for your prosperity, well-being and happiness. If you do, then you should be tossed out on your cans. Institutional, community, group and individual, whether coordinated or not, do go hand in hand for the better good of the whole instead of the selfish and the miser.

Also, what each one of you has contributed, if anything, would not be enough money to pave one town street with tar, let alone pave one city block with cement sidewalk.

Get busy. Start hustling for the greater good even if you think you are small potatoes.

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen