Letter: What we can learn from Scotland

Scotland nearly seceded from the U.K. Academic and writer Juan Cole summed up the political differences that were never mentioned as reasons.

1) Sixty-four percent of Scots don’t like the conservative David Cameron (prime minister) government.

2) Scots get 40 percent of their electricity from renewables and want more. Cameron wants to “frack.”

3) Scots want more and better higher education and research. Cameron is cutting spending. The U.K. is at the bottom of the G-8 on education spending.

4) Scots like the National Health Service and believe Cameron is going to privatize it.

5) Scots believe in government redistribution of wealth downward, and Cameron is making society more unequal.

Sound familiar? I would have liked to see the Scots split the sheets with the U.K.; it would have been an interesting experiment. There are a lot of similarities between the current government philosophies in the U.K. and in the U.S. and Colorado — and the same poor results.

The Scots have made me proud of my partial Scottish heritage. Aye!

Patrick Hunter