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Letter: What traffic methods?

During the recent city of Aspen campaign, Steve Skadron was quoted as making a very convoluted and interesting statement:

“City staff is currently working on transportation-demand management methods, and I believe we can find market-driven solutions that efficiently and sustainably move people to reduce traffic congestion.”

I hadn’t seen a term like “transportation-demand management” in so long, it nearly made me nostalgic.

The environmental impact statement for the Entrance to Aspen had a lot to say about transportation management.

Transportation-management measures are intended to disincentivize automobile use and/or encourage mass-transit ridership. Paid parking is an example of a federally recognized transportation-management method, while purposely maintaining inadequate highway capacity is not.

To the best of my knowledge, the only federally sanctioned transportation-management measure not currently in practice in Aspen is something called “congestion pricing.” Instituting congestion pricing would mean that people would be charged a “fee” to enter Aspen during periods of peak demand.

So, Steve, is that what you were talking about? Are you planning to charge people depending on the time of day they need to get into town? And if not, could you please explain what you did mean?

While we’re at it, this might be a good question for the two remaining council candidates to address.

Jeffrey Evans