Letter: What to do about Basalt

We’ve had a crossroads in this valley ever since I got here some decades ago. For the most part, those roads and bridges have been taken care of with good intentions, unfortunately some with greed and stupidity.

Basalt has an opportunity to make a significant statement on intelligent direction. The proposal by the group of residents in Basalt wants to separate 2.5 acres of the Pan and Fork parcel to open space with the potential of a water park. Outstanding, and I believe it best for all.

In vision, crossing the bridge and seeing grass, trees and rivers with Basalt placed perfectly with a smile.

Now, someone out there wants to make the entrance a narrow corridor with three-story buildings on either side. Come on, man! Do it right.

Please don’t try to keep up with Willits. Willits has done a great job of Denverizing its area. Let them be.

Buddy Ortega

Roaring Fork Valley