Letter: What have they ever done?

About a week ago, Ted Cruz stated that the Republican hero Ronald Reagan for the past 60 years did not believe in socialistic ideas! Cruz is either a liar or so amazingly ignorant it really makes one wonder. Reagan was not always a Republican. Pretty amazing, really.

Another Republican front-runner recently stated in Iowa that John Wayne was a strong man. I agree that Wayne was pretty strong, and as far as I know he fought in the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean police action and Vietnam — all on the silver screen, though. I won’t pass judgement on Wayne, as I have never served. I will, however, pass judgement on Donald Trump, especially after he tried to sink John McCain’s war record. That was so amazingly childish, ignorant and just plain stupid — just as bad as the swiftboaters who tried to dis John Kerry’s record, all the while protecting the Champagne Unit that “W” sort of served with in the Vietnam era. I cannot stand chicken hawks unless they are the ones with actual wings. They are self-serving and are absolutely not heroes nor patriots. They act as if they are the only people who can protect the nation, especially Trump and Cruz. What have they done in that area, really? Cruz is a blockader who doesn’t work well with others, and Trump is a builder who wants to make Trump great again! These guys think they have what it takes to run the country and help people. Really. Their history is pretty much one of helping themselves.

Also, Cruz and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott want to make it legal in Texas for residents to be able to vote on secession! How patriotic is that? Didn’t Texas already try that once with really bad results? I think Trump and Cruz need to read more and talk less.

Miles Knudson

Aspen Village