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Letter: What about the tennis program?

What about the tennis program?

Dear Editor:

Sunday was a sad day for me and a disturbing day for my 13-year-old daughter Taylor. Many of you may have read her recent letter to the editor in support of the tennis program at the Snowmass Club. The Snowmass Club was bought by the Toll Brothers from Aspen Skiing Co a few months back. Sunday we received an email from Gayle (head tennis pro and tennis director) letting us know that she was tendering her resignation.

Since the take over, I am unaware of any requests from the new company to the tennis-member population of the club. Not once was I asked what I thought was good or bad; not once was my daughter asked what she thought of the program that she attends three to four times per week. And from just an outsider’s perspective. it did not appear that the assistant pro Jeff was given much input either.

As for Gayle, prior to the take-over, she was not giving any mention to retirement as she professionally ran the tennis program.

I don’t have the insider’s picture to this story. What I do have is my gut feeling and the feelings of my 13-year-old daughter, who passionately pursues competitive tennis in an extremely difficult community to do that sport. It was a difficult day today in that I had to explain the difference between profit and the bottom line, versus caring about the community and treating people respectfully.

I would suggest to the Toll Brothers that they take a good long look at the community into which they have invested some of their substantial company. I would suggest that they stand out on the tennis courts and look around at the magnificence of this place and the people that live here … and maybe, just maybe, take a good look at themselves.

Susannah and Taylor Thulson


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