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Letter: What a stud

Bruce Jenner is definitely a stud (“Bruce Jenner is a stud,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, May 10). All of his Olympic accomplishments aside, more so because he had to deal with all of that estrogen and females in front of cameras for years. That would have killed a mere typical American male like me. To blame five or six liberals who are vulgar is just plain silly. I am pretty liberal. I don’t hate Jenner. What I do hate, though, is that stupid “reality” show that his ex-wife and the offspring are on. It should have run one season, for God’s sakes. I am thinking that this will pick up ratings and interest. It also will maybe educate some people on tolerance. Don’t be a hater of liberals because some are idiots toward Jenner. If I were Bruce, I would go about my life and fade away proudly with grace. I would not go the route he is going. That way is pretty sad and disgusting and attention-grabbing. I think people like me are just really tired and worn out by that family — and we don’t even watch the show, but it is all over the news and pop culture. Enough already!

Miles Knudson

Santa Fe, New Mexico