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Letter: We’re lucky in Aspen

I must say that approaching four years here in Aspen has been the most incredible experience. It still blows my mind that such a small place can have such an impact. We have a very dynamic community, with a hint of organized chaos and a touch of elegance. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I was reflecting back on the past years and how much I have learned from this community. Absorbing the stories of the people who come through this town is priceless, and working with all the characters from season to season makes this place extremely special, and I am so pleased to be reassured of that this offseason. Aiden of El Rincon and Mike from The Square Grouper are guys who keep their doors open for us all in the offseason and go out of their way to support local community and business. Mike is assembling an event with a new, local social-media company to raise funds for the disaster-relief efforts of Nepal at 2 p.m. Thursday at The Square Grouper. The event will showcase many of our local bartenders in a speed competition, with a $1,000 award to the winner. El Rincon is donating gift certificates along with other community businesses that have all come together to help throw a simple event that will go a long way for a lot of people. It is great to have a community that is willing to help each other out and look after each other from business to recreation to socializing. I am really happy with this place and wanted to express a reminder of how lucky we are to have a place like this.

Ryan Sterling