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Letter: Weird liberal logic

Only someone who has lived in Happy Valley all his life can be as naive as Roger Marolt. In his column, “Weirdly conservative logic” (The Aspen Times, Commentary, July 29), Marolt engages in heated condemnation of Trump’s proposed “wall around the country” while admitting that he himself can’t think of a better answer to the prospect of invasion.

Perhaps that’s because there has never been a better answer. Chances are good that some of his ancestors, and yours, lived in a fortified-walled city on a hill somewhere, what the Greeks called an “acropolis,” and there they lived long enough and securely enough to bear children and develop a culture.

It was the circuit wall at Troy that kept the Mycenaean Greeks at bay for 10 years of prolonged siege, and when the city finally fell, it was only because of the Odysseus-inspired plot that induced the Trojans to voluntarily throw open their gates to accept the Trojan horse.

Today’s Trojan horse is the liberal fantasy that if we open our doors and hearts to the Islamic tide and love them enough, then we’ll all live happily ever after, singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” in perfect harmony. But that song is now turning into Europe’s swan song.

Does Marolt think that killing people “over there” before they come over here is more moral than Trump’s wall and immigration moratorium? Liberals didn’t like our playing offense during the Bush years, and now they don’t approve of defense.

Or does he think it’s more moral to prosecute and/or deport bad actors after the fact than to preemptively screen their infiltration in the first place?

No, Marolt is not only naive, but what I consider unfeeling. His brand of self-righteous multiculturalism ignores the realities of people’s lives. Our lives.

Chad Klinger


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