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Letter (Wednesday, Aug. 14): This will not stand


Dear Editor:

Natalia Shvachko’s arrogance and selfishness do not belong on Restaurant Row. First, her monopoly of the Ute City Building’s elevator is a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act, it prevents Syzygy restaurant from serving adaptive customers, and it prevents the second-floor residents from having adaptive visitors.

Second, her monopoly of the building’s front entrance violates the building code requiring two means of egress for the second-floor residents, and it underscores her elitism by forcing affordable-housing tenants to use the alley entrance.

Third, her excessive noise complaints impinge on musicians’ right to freedom of expression and impinge on restaurants’ ability to offer the free live-music venues that keep Aspen’s messy vitality thriving.

Jimmy’s, Square Grouper and Aspen Brewery, please keep the music playing despite the noise complaints. As a working musician, I will gladly donate from my band’s pay to cover the cost. Aspen City Council, please raise the noise limit to 100 decibels for the 300 block of Hopkins Avenue.

Lastly, I urge every restaurant and shop in Aspen to boycott Ms. Shvachko. If Aspen unites against this troublemaker, perhaps she will reconsider her selfishness — or at least learn to keep her windows closed.

Jason Upper