Letter: We share many of the same concerns

This is a follow-up to The Aspen Times’ Aug. 11 article “Aspen Brewery, Oklahoma Flats neighbors in private talks.” Full disclosure, Theatre Aspen was part of the Red Brick’s proposal for a community performance space. But as a current city tenant in the park, we share the neighborhood’s concerns about the venture that was approved by the council. We are grateful that we were able to get an update from the city about the preparation of the lease and the requirements for approval that are on the table. However, we have not been afforded the same opportunity by the prospective tenant(s) regarding the concerns we have about a brewery in the park during our busy summer season. We share many of the same concerns put forth by Bill Budinger on behalf of the Oklahoma Flats neighbors: increased traffic, parking and noise, especially during our nightly performances.

“Frankly, we would like to see a nice nonprofit, community-oriented, community service,” Budinger said in The Aspen Times on Aug. 11. We agree.

Paige Price