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Letter: We need to speak out

I am truly amazed at how seemingly well educated individuals can digest even a small portion of the evidence against dumping a confirmed neurotoxin such as sodium fluorocilicic acid into our public drinking water, and still maintain a position to continue to force so many who oppose into constant exposure against their will, and against their personal rights.

It really shows us just how deeply ingrained systematic brainwashing can become. I’m pretty sure that those who so strenuously support fluoridation have really never viewed the evidence and rationality in opposition.

The one fact that everyone agrees upon is that sodium fluoride is poison — once used as rat poison until banned due to it’s implicit danger. We know it is a toxic industrial byproduct, primarily from China, and fully illegal to dispose of in oceans, land-fills, rivers or streams. But guess where all of it ends up? Our water — our formerly pristine rivers and streams. Remember, we pump this shit into irrigation water and virtually anywhere that water is used.

The bags of fluoride are marked toxic, and with warning of the target organs being heart, kidneys, endocrine system, bones etc. Supposedly, the bag is filled with 98% sodium fluoride, but what is the other 2 percent? Admittedly, the remainder can contain lead, arsenic, cadmium and other toxic metals. They claim that the .7 ppm put into our water is safe. The maximum contamination level for lead is .015 ppm, arsenic is .010, and for cadmium — .005ppm. Essentially, any amount is bad, and it collects in your body for years. You absorb it through your skin, it is in bottled drinks, canned foods —it is in the food irrigated with fluoridated water. We are bombarded with it because it is the only way the chemical companies who generate the crap can dispose of it. Fluoride seeks out the weak points of your body and alters the functions of that organ. Just the fact that we don’t know for sure how it affects us long-term is enough argument to eliminate it from our exposure.

These same chemical companies sit on the ADA boards, and generate their policies. They are willing to spend massive amounts of money to keep from losing this revenue stream, and this outlet for their waste. This was evident in the money spent in Snowmass Village to sway the locals to support its return to our water, after the district board had already judged it to be bad policy and removed it. They spent much more than admitted to spread false evidence in support of fluoridation. I, for one, do not like being screwed around by these lobbyist and industries from outside of our community — and I am ashamed for those who do.

Do yourselves a favor and take a few minutes to become informed on the insidious nature of this chemical, and this practice.

Watch “our daily dose” on youtube — visit fluoridealert.org — and there are many others as well.

We need to all stand up for our right, not to be mass medicated against our wills. We need to speak out and petition.

David Dawson


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