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Letter: We need to solve our traffic and parking issues

Much I see and read about Aspen these days points to more and more development, bringing more and more people into town. This results in more and more traffic and parking congestion. The only action I have heard of lately to “address” this problem is to dramatically increase parking fees downtown. It’s doubtful this will alleviate the problem, but it surely will put an additional burden on everyone.

Year after year, we go through the same problem with absolutely not even an attempt at a solution. During the seasons, traffic into and out of town is a nightmare. It is simply unacceptable to take a half hour or more to get from the airport to downtown. Finding parking is impossible. If Aspen is to grow, these issues must be addressed. Otherwise, let’s put a moratorium on any further development.

We need a new traffic structure. Unfortunately our geography leaves us few and expensive choices. But we have no alternative.

I believe we need a new one-way street looping through the Marolt Open Space and then going straight into Main Street. Then the existing roads could be made one-way out of town. Also, the roundabout has to be reworked to provide a more efficient flow, possibly with an overpass.

In addition, a large parking lot could be constructed in Marolt with shuttle service into town. This would be far more feasible and usable than the intercept lot.

These are hard and expensive choices. But if we are to let our city grow, we must provide adequate roads and feasible parking. Otherwise all we will have is big city traffic jams and parking congestion.

Eric Simon

Snowmass Village

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