Letter: We need old-school academics

We need old-school academics

In the middle of the worst and continuing recession, Colorado wants to squeeze more taxes from everyone in the state to raise nearly $1 billion a year for education though Amendment 66, with the decades-old promise of smaller classrooms and better-than-ever education!

Millions are being spent to promote this bill through TV, print, phone solicitation and door-to-door campaigns. A million dollars each has been donated to the cause from outside interests such as the god of the planet’s 1 percenters, Bill Gates, a liberal who stands to make billions from data mining school children and who also believes in global population control. Money also has come from the 13th richest of the planet’s 1 percenters, Mayor McFascist Bloomberg, the liberal extremist who wants to take away our Constitutional right to “keep and bear arms.” Apparently New York does not keep him busy enough playing dictator, because he feels the need to meddle with Colorado as well.

Since the Carter administration signed it into existence, the Department of Education had a budget of $14.2 billion with 17,000 bureaucrats. It since has morphed into 46 departments with a discretionary annual budget of over $69 billion with hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats, and this does not count state and local departments and budgets.

Yet schools continue to churn out less educated children?

Well, money is not the answer, is it? Our education system, as it is, is a never-ending money pit. This will continue to get worse and the politicians will just come back for more in a few years with the same promises.

America became the greatest, most powerful and richest country in the world before the Department of Education and all the expensive trash that came with it!

Time for a new paradigm, or, forgive the pun, time to go old school! Money is not the panacea!

Time to get back to the basics of teaching! Reading, writing, math, history and geography!

It can be done without more money; otherwise I question the education of those that demand more of our money!

Lee Perkins

Glenwood Springs