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Letter: We must stop the degradation of Aspen

Please, please, please do not build another hideous inside-out building like the Aspen Art Museum. It is absolutely the ugliest building in town. Come on, people — speak up! Don’t let this happen again.

How can the people in the Planning Office say they think that is anywhere near an acceptable design? Charles Cunniffe, what are you doing to us? I have almost always liked your designs, and I know you are a good architect. This Hunt guy is new, and maybe he doesn’t know how much we hate what has happened to our town with all the ugly, rich, new people who apparently have too much money and no taste. Aspen has always been known as a real Western town with character and an amazing, wonderful ski mountain. The charm and uniqueness were what drew people here year after year.

We didn’t even allow chain stores. McDonald’s was the first. Now all we have are chain stores, as nice and costly as they may be. This Hunt guy is so scary, he just slipped in and bought up half the town very quietly. That doesn’t mean he should be able to complete ruining the character and charm of our lovely old town.

Yeah, money screams here, but we can’t let it be the be-all and end-all of everything. How can this complete sellout of Aspen have happened? No, just because they have more money than God, they shouldn’t have the council and Historic Preservation and the Planning Office in their pockets. Let’s get rid of the bought-and-sold people on those city offices and boards so the real community members who love our town have a voice again.

Please, let’s get lots of petitions out and get some control back. I’ll sign and carry petitions to the people who really still do struggle to live here. Offseason is the right time, too, when the fakes are gone and elections are coming.

Jan Louthis