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Letter: We don’t need Four Seasons Hotel

The Four Reasons Notel:

1. No vacancy. We’re full. The experts say our landfill has 15 years left in its life cycle. We can just go ahead and subtract one year off the top with the Four Seasons project. Didn’t we all agree some time ago that traffic was an issue here? Not because we have too many people, but because the town and its residents have the money to build, remodel and landscape with no monetary limitations. It is still May here and the truck situation is downright insane. “But there is demand for more rooms,” you say. Perhaps we simply don’t supply it. “We need affordable housing,” you say. Dorm-room-style living isn’t the way to go.

2. The project doesn’t coincide with the “community fabric” of Aspen. How pleasant is it to cross the Marolt bridge, round the corner and stroll down a peaceful portion of Aspen streets while making your way into town? Hopkins Avenue is a fantastic neighborhood and there probably isn’t a quicker way to dilute the residents’ happiness than build a Four Seasons. I love looking at that old piece of Aspen.

3. The trees. All 562 of them. The development application deems the trees unhealthy. Nice try. The four buildings won’t provide oxygen and habitat for all sorts of living things. These trees have a symbiotic relationship with the soil they rest upon.

4. “The Lorax.” I imagine an Aspen Elementary first-grade class reading Dr. Suess’ prophetic book one day and the next riding by the Four Seasons development during the bike rodeo. Any 5- or 6-year-old will surely scratch their head at the sight. There are much better options for the 6.6 acres.

This seems like a no-brainer, City Council. Let’s not get to the point where some of us live in the trees to shut this thing down. But wait, that could be 562 affordable-housing units.

Andrew Wickes


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