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Letter: We deserve better than Trump

We deserve better than Trump

The Republicans need to fire Donald Trump right now. He keeps going over the line. He does not have a filter, has no sense of decency and has no sense — period. America deserves better than this man. He is a complete embarrassment to the human race, America and especially the Republican Party. He insults pretty much everyone. The latest was Carly Fiorina’s face and looks. That is just completely wrong and socially unacceptable. The Trump Organization is run by a very, very stupid person. Stupid enough that he should be thrown out of the debates. If the Republicans will not fire this person, I am pretty sure the general population who votes in the general election will — if he even makes it that far. With stupid comments on a daily basis, including all-out racism, he shouldn’t have made it this far. America needs and deserves much better.

Miles Knudson