Letter: We can help those displaced by wars

I am very shocked at what’s going on with the migrant crisis in Europe, and I believe this shouldn’t be just a problem for European Union countries, but something that has to be shared globally. It is, after all, a humanitarian crisis.

Here is an example: Iceland is opening asylum for 50 families, and people are offering their houses and to pay for tickets for people to fly there. They have started a Facebook page to help!

I wonder if our communities could ask Sen. Michael Bennet to see if it is possible to work with the State Department to offer asylum to families in our state if our communities can offer space for a certain amount of families (let’s say 20). We have several facilities that aren’t used to its full potential where we could house families until they get on their feet to rent something. My husband and I would be willing to sponsor a family, pay for the tickets to come here and then help them with their integration.

If we could start this movement in our communities, maybe other ones in the country could do it, as well.

I believe as a community we could get together to do something to save lives and share our wonderful towns and mountains with these families who have been displaced from their homes maybe forever.

Please, if you are interested in participating in any way, contact me at

Veronica Whitney


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