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Letter: Water quality in the Aspen School District

It is refreshing to see a community of faith exercising its voice, as in Adam Z. Cherry’s letter “Dysfunctional school board” in the Nov. 20 Commentary section of The Aspen Times.

However, as to his comment about Jewish students being allowed “to use the same bathrooms and drinking fountains as the Christians,” I would ask, “What Christians? Are there any?” Apart from the occasional “personal witness” by columnist Glenn Beaton, one doesn’t hear much from them in the pages of this paper.

While I understand Cherry’s point about what the school district calendar appears to favor, I hope he understands that the bias is not on behalf of Christianity but on behalf of a soulless secularism that would deny the relevance of any religion. (I would say all religion, but the existence of global-warming religion — with its deification of planet Earth and Mother Nature — somewhat complicates the discussion.)

Whether or not the water issuing from school drinking fountains contains fluoride, it is hardly what Jesus called “living water” — a conceit that he derived from Moses having struck the rock with his staff and produced an abundance of life-giving water in the desert, which itself is a metaphor for our connection with our creator.

This is not to point a finger of blame at the school board. It is simply one battlefield in a war and has a great deal to contend with.

Chad Klinger


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