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Letter: Wasting away

I am not going to pretend to know, or care, about Aspen politics but I will make some two-cent opines after reading Matt Rice’s letter to the editor.

It sounds like Matt Rice knows more about Colorado rivers than I do, so I will not argue with him. I did find it humorous when he states, “Aspen enjoys a deserved reputation as a progressive community.” I feel if that were true, Aspen would have done something about the bottleneck of Highway 82 at Buttermilk a long time ago. How much unnecessary carbon dioxide is emitted by the double-wide back up of idling autos waiting to merge and access the progressive community?

And what about the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority? Forty-seven million dollars to have more buses running, but during the offseason there is only one bus per hour on the weekends!

Before there was “Aspen” in all its “deserved reputation,” there was a hydro plant generating electricity and a train shipping all the precious metals out of town. But oh no, that is not good enough for modern-day Aspen. We need coal-fired power and natural-gas-burning buses “that represent a reasonable return on investment.”

Nowadays, the precious metals fly in on a G6, idle the Range Rover in the backed-up bottleneck, then arrive at the second, or third or forth vacation home that is heated year round at 70 degrees, and has every light in the place turned on!

Happy Earth Day, and how much profit did we make on it?

John Norman