Letter was rife with ignorance

I am writing in response to Cathleen Krahe’s recent letter to the editor of The Aspen Times (“Israel’s policy of dominance,” Jan. 7, 2017).

I have been to Israel on three separate occasions, beginning in the summer of 1968 for six weeks. My experiences are in direct contradiction to those of Ms. Krahe’s. Specifically, I spoke with many Arabs, who make up a large segment off the Israeli population (almost 20 percent). To a person, these Arabs expressed an appreciation for the wonderful health care that they receive, for the opportunities afforded to them and the rights they have under a democracy.

I would go so far as to label Ms. Krahe’s comments as ignorant. And if as some say that “ignorance is bliss,” then Ms. Krahe must be an incredibly happy individual.

Robert P. Morris