Letter: Warnick for CMC trustee

Please elect Jon Warnick as your next trustee of the Colorado Mountain College board.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jon for the past 15 years. I initially worked with him when I was the CEO of the CMC Foundation and he was the chairman of the board. I found Jon to be a man of intellect, interest and commitment to providing affordable, high-quality education that is accessible to all students.

He does his homework, he comes prepared to meetings, and he asks thoughtful questions as both a lifelong learner and a business leader. He understands the issues facing all of the different types of students in our community, from high school students to first-generation college attendees to lifelong learners. He understands the governance principles of a well-run board; he honors the process. He is fully prepared to discuss issues facing both the board and the organization.

Jon has been one of the most engaged board members and board chairs I have had the pleasure of working with. He knows the communities CMC serves, he understands the complexities of each community, and he makes a point of being present at every appropriate function supporting the college. As has been stated by many others who know Jon, he has a proven record of commitment and passion for education. Jon will be an asset to the college and therefore our communities.

Alex Yajko