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Letter: War crimes, not defense

What a deep irony and hypocrisy that Benjamin Netanyahu, one of the leading fanatical Jews, great terrorists and silencers of free speech was leading a march to supposedly endorse free speech, stand up against terrorism and denounce radicals. An extremist, radicalized terrorist like Netanyahu should be visiting the Hague Court for war crimes and serve as a symbolic pinata for magazines such as Charlie Hebdo. Why? He led Israel in the slaughter of more than 2,000 Palestinians in the recent invasion and attack of Gaza, killing scores of innocent civilians (approximately 2,200 Palestinians versus 70 Jews killed in the campaign is not military defense of Israel, it is genocide). Moreover, this radicalized Jew has ordered the killing of journalists covering Israeli terrorism of Palestinians. Time to reconsider who becomes pigeonholed as terrorists, time to sanction the terrorist state of Israel and time to convict Netanyahu and other Jewish terrorists for war crimes — hopefully a step toward peace in the Middle East.

Sean Elias

Glenwood Springs