Letter: Walk-in voting place should be neutral

I applaud Aspen City Councilman Bert Myrin for recognizing Rabbi Mendel Mintz’s election impropriety.

The Chabad synagogue, where Mintz is the Rabbi, is the walk-in center for the Base 2 vote. Rabbi Mintz, a strong supporter of one side of the Base 2 vote has an ad at the synagogue stating his position.

Bert claims, and rightfully so, that our place of walk-in voting should be as neutral as possible. Rabbi Mintz is certainly not very neutral.

This is not the only time Rabbi Mintz has shown his bias. Last year, in an interview with Elise Thatcher of Aspen Public Radio, Rabbi Mintz inappropriately claimed to Elise that his Chabad synagogue was Aspen’s local community synagogue. There are two other sects (The Aspen Jewish Congregation and The Neshama Center).

The Chabad sect is a strong orthodox organization out of New York with a lot of money. Meredith Carroll, a columnist for The Aspen Times, recognized this impropriety and wrote an article regarding Rabbi Mintz’s misrepresentation to Elise on Aspen Public Radio. (Meredith’s article — “Clearing up a misperception of the Aspen Chabad” – Aug. 8, 2014)

Stan Bialek