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Letter: Vox populi

In considering what record numbers of Republican voters have wrought over the past three months, I readily join Ann Coulter in saying, “I always hoped I’d see this once before I died.”

Although Colorado’s GOP stood athwart the populist tide, I can only hope that the state’s Republicans will now work to confirm, refine and strengthen the presumptive nominee — a prodigious force of nature the likes of whom we may not see again.

Indeed, those “principled” Never Trumpers who may try to save the party for next time are not likely to see a next time like this time.

“Dog will have its day,” exclaimed Hamlet. This time the masters of the universe would be well advised to take a back seat to the “bitter clingers,” “tea baggers” and other reviled “traditional” Americans’ whose support of the party has availed them nothing in recent years.

Time to hang together, or hang separately.

Chad Klinger