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Letter: Voting for Aspen’s roots

The Aspen city election ballots are out, and looming above it all is the Home Rule Charter amendment. Candidates have lined up for or against it, but I think many residents have watched with less than amusement at the monolithic lot line to lot line development in recent years that is changing the face of Aspen. This amendment puts residents in charge when developers ask for major zoning variances in the commercial core. It’s sad that it’s needed, and critics point out that we elect City Council members to represent our interests, but those interests are influenced by money and the high price of real estate. We can always recall elected officials, but by then, the damage would have been done. Alas, passage of this amendment is essential to our future. I’m voting for it.

I’m voting for Mick Ireland and Bert Myrin for council. I like Mick, even as some have found him abrasive. I’ve been the recipient of his criticism but I’ve never found him to hold grudges. He’s a good man. Bert and Mick hold views on development that reflect my own, but more than that, they thoroughly understand the workings of our government, and that is so important.

Voting for mayor is a tough call for me. The mayor’s job, aside from being a front man in the wider world, also is responsible for running meetings. Steve Skadron runs a good meeting. So, he opposes the Home Rule Charter amendment. If it passes, his opposition is moot. Torre has run for mayor before. He supports the Home Rule Charter amendment. Strangely, there’s something about him that reminds me of what Aspen was. I don’t know how he will run meetings, but it might be nice to get back more to our roots. I’m voting for Torre.

Jon Busch


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