Letter: Vote ‘yes’ for Basalt Sanitation District

The Basalt Sanitation District is asking voters to allow it to keep any state grant money it receives to help fund a major expansion of its facilities. This is not a request for a tax increase. However, because of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, the district needs voter approval in order to keep any state grant money it receives. If approved, these funds will be applied toward the cost of construction, thereby reducing any funds that may need to be raised from customers through increased fees or assessments. State grant monies are funds that do not have to be paid back to the state.

The plant expansion is necessary due to higher state water-quality standards and to better serve the needs of existing and future customers. Unfortunately, construction costs have doubled from earlier estimates, putting the total cost at $2 million. This means the district needs to raise an additional $1 million to fund the project.

Voting “yes” for this measure will allow the district to keep state grant money and minimize any increase in fees to its customers. If this measure is not approved, the entire unfunded portion of $1 million will need to be paid for by its customers through higher fees and assessments.

Please vote “yes” for the Basalt Sanitation District so it can accept state grant money to help fund this expansion. Thank you for your support.

Jim Finch

Director, Basalt Sanitation District