Letter: Vote wisely for the “three amigas” in Basalt

Basalt is a charming Western town full of character, and I sincerely wish I could vote in the important upcoming election.

There are some who are impatient to start developing: moving the earth, building the condos and scoring the real estate listings. However, the “three amigas,” Jacque, Katie and Jennifer, have no ulterior motives and do not have eyes on the financial prize. They want what so many Basaltines and residents of the valley want: good planning that will enhance the town as well as the gem of a river.

By definition, a “boutique hotel’ can have as many as 100 rooms. Two-story condos can be over 20 feet high. In comparison, the Berlin Wall was 10 feet high. Keep the park as a park with limited development that we all can enjoy.

Vote wisely.

Katherine Reppa

Missouri Heights