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Letter: Vote to keep our first-rate ambulance service

Vote to keep our first-rate ambulance service

Imagine being in a store one lovely morning when you suddenly feel that you are not getting enough air into your lungs. You stop what you are doing and you lean on something for support while you look around for a chair.

You feel weird, you realize that your pulse is not in a steady rhythm. It is jumping all over the place and you know that you need help and you need it right away. Someone calls 911 and within minutes, your personal space is filled with people who are truly concerned about you. Without your notice you have been strapped onto a gurney, secured in place, tubes already pumping something into your arm, wires are running from you into a complicated-looking machine and a couple of EMTs are talking with you as you are speeding to the hospital. Believe it or not, you begin to relax.

As I looked back on that experience I realized how lucky we are to have a first-rate ambulance service and superbly trained emergency personnel serving our community. We need to ensure that the Ambulance District can continue to provide quality care in new, modern ambulances with state-of-the-art equipment and communications. As you cast your ballot in this election, please realize that this is our opportunity to support this service in its need for sufficient funding for today and for the foreseeable future.

Please vote yes on 1A.

Richie Cohen

Aspen Real Estate Company

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