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Letter: Vote no on rec center, then verify

Vote no on rec center, then verify

Please join me in voting no on Crown Mountain’s 4C and 4D.

Let’s save midvalley property and business owners from a massive tax increase to benefit a subset of Roaring Fork residents who are going to be buying memberships in the proposed rec center anyway.

Fire services, police and roads, excellent schools and even wonderful parks like Crown Mountain are services provided by governments to be accessed freely by anyone. This proposed rec center is something completely different. Unlike those free services that we expect and enjoy from government, Crown Mountain plans to charge significant and for some of us prohibitive fees for memberships and for individual visits.

I’m happy with either a free-to-enjoy government paid-in-full facility like Crown Mountain is now, or alternately a nice indoor facility paid for by its users. Perhaps some wealthy soul would like to make a generous donation, but please don’t ask El Jebel locals like me. Perhaps the donors to the one-sided campaign promoting 4C and 4D will pony up.

Basalt is planning to use revenues from El Jebel — Whole Foods, City Market, etc. — to pay for its new park on the riverbanks without a mil levy. Why isn’t Basalt building the rec center, or improving existing facilities with its windfall sales tax revenues? I hear Gypsum pays for its rec center with sales tax revenues from Costco and airport rental cars and not by collecting property taxes from the likes of me.

Vote “no” with me on 4C and 4D and when you return your ballot to the clerk (I suggest not by mail) you might ask these questions: 1) What happened to Election Day? 2) How can I verify my vote becomes anonymous and remains private? 3) How can I verify that my vote is actually counted?

Returning the signed ballot envelope does not assure the ballot inside will be counted. In some counties voters will be given the choice of an in-person paper ballot to vote on and see counted in front of them. Some counties apparently believe that voters do not care about personal verification of integrity. I do.

Harvey Branscomb

El Jebel