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Letter: Vote Mick

I have known and worked with Mick Ireland since the first time he ran for office and during the 15 years that I was chair of the Pitkin County Democratic Party. Campaigns, and politics in general, in a small town (particularly our sophisticated, politically active small town) are a high-stress process. As is well known, Mick is hardworking, smart and one of the best strategists/organizers locally or nationally. What is less well known is that he is an extremely good person, singlemindedly committed to Aspen’s future, particularly the workers, the environment and the things that make Aspen a uniquely diversified community, in addition to a world-class ski resort. Mick’s integrity is without question; he is utterly trustworthy, which puts him in a very small category of people in public life. That’s why even those who do not share his views in city and county government are supporting him. While it is tempting every now and then to think that it would be good to simply “blow up” the City Council process, this is another particularly challenging time for Aspen as it tries to remain a cutting-edge resort without losing its community character and unique appearance. Bert Myrin has been a very effective activist on a number of issues that I support. However, Mick worked hard for passage of Referendum 1, is committed to its implementation and also is creative and positive in working for solutions. Mick will be a positive and much needed addition to City Council who may be able to bring others along after a difficult campaign. Please vote for Mick.

Camilla Auger