Letter: Vote for Rupert for school board

When you live in a community, big or small, you learn whom to go to. Whom to go to for your kids’ braces. Whom to go to for an oil change. Whom to go to for after-school care. And, when elections beckon, whom to go for a representative of your beliefs and ideals.

Sometimes figuring out who that person is takes decades.

We have been going to Jen Rupert for kids’ martial-arts lessons, kids’ ski lessons, advice and community information and good old-fashioned company for nearly two decades.

That’s because Jen is everywhere in this community — school events, town meetings, on the trails, in the local store and, of course, on the hill in winter. She talks to everyone about everything that matters in a small town like ours. And she’s passionate about education.

To represent our valley takes time and energy, and Jen is one of the few people I know who have that energy (and time, which I know she’ll make). Please vote for Jen for Roaring Fork School District school board. The ballot is a mail-in job, and ballots are due by Nov. 3, so make sure you check that box next to Jen Rupert’s name and send it off. Our community will thank you.

Cameron M. Burns