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Letter: Vote for Jacque

Basalt mayoral candidate Rick Stevens previously served as mayor of Basalt from 1994 until 2004. During his term in office, two large private development projects where approved and constructed on the river in downtown Basalt — Riverwalk, on the Fryingpan River, and Riverside Plaza, at the confluence of the Fryingpan and Roaring Fork rivers. Ten years later, neither project could be hailed objectively as a success, as Riverwalk’s commercial space has never been fully occupied and Riverside Plaza was partially foreclosed upon. Now, candidate Stevens is advocating for additional private development on the bulk of the remaining downtown access to the Roaring Fork River. On what basis does he expect a better long-term result this time around?

Candidate Stevens also claims to have a strong record of supporting affordable housing. Yet, when one reviews his 10 years as mayor, it does not appear as if any affordable-housing projects ever got built. Ten years is a long time. Ten years was long enough to get Riverwalk and Riverside Plaza built but somehow not long enough for any affordable-housing projects to get built. Apparently, when it comes to priorities for candidate Stevens, one can only conclude that private development trumps affordable housing!

Basaltines, if you want a mayor with a different vision from the above, please vote for Jacque Whitsitt on Tuesday.

Doug Cooper