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Letter: Vote for Ireland

Well, here we are again. A runoff election in Aspen? Must be May!

Though the result from the May election wasn’t as strong as many might have liked, the passage of Referendum 1 was a good start. Now we need someone to mend fences and build a coalition on the council to enact the change.

Mick Ireland is that guy. Though this runoff is between two good men who share the same position on growth and the preservation of Aspen’s character, there are issues such as housing, the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority and the environment that the council also must decide.

Mick has earned our support because he has worked for years to create housing to keep families in Aspen and has worked harder and on more school and kids’ issues than anyone else ever running for office in this town. On environmental issues, he worked to bring us to 100 percent renewable energy with the hydroelectric plant, and Mick helped preserve Smuggler Mountain for us all to use and enjoy (and apparently leave a dog’s mess on — come on, people! Clean it up!).

And as infuriating as he sometimes might be, Mick brings the knowledge, strength and proven ability to work with others to rewrite the code into compliance with the new direction Aspen voters took with the passage of Referendum 1. His work on rural and remote zoning in Pitkin County is evidence.

Fun facts: Ballots are in your mailbox. The U.S. post office will not forward them. So if you are traveling soon, perk up and take steps! Early voting started in the city Clerk’s Office in City Hall on Monday. Bring ID!

Jack Johnson