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Letter: Vote for Clapper

Vote for Clapper

Please vote for Patti Clapper to represent us on the Board of County Commissioners. Please do not vote for Rob Ittner. In August, Ittner voted to approve a huge land-use variance opposite Holland Hills. He ignored the representatives of more than 140 local residents as well as the mayor of Basalt, who spoke in opposition to this plan in a packed four-hour meeting. Most people opposing were simply against the variance, which expanded the allowed buildings from 12,000 total square feet to 25,000 square feet, plus 11,000 square feet of supporting structures — on four acres of land. This was a very big change in land use on a highly visible property. Local residents felt it would change the character of the neighborhood permanently. Within a couple of months, ttner voted to deny a requested variance just six miles up the valley, which only asked for an extra 12,000 square feet on 35 acres. He appears to justify such inconsistency by explaining that a caucus was involved in opposing the second application that he voted to deny, but not in the first, which he voted to approve. I would like us to have a commissioner who listens to constituents whether or not they are part of a caucus. Patti Clapper has demonstrated this ability in the past. Please vote for her.

Bronwyn Anglin


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