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Letter: Vote for change in state government

I have to commend the Aspen Times for reporting the “debate-gate” issue between Libertarian Lee Mulcahy and Democrat Kerry Donovan, and have to give Kay Ferry and the Eagle County Republicans some credit for wanting to right a wrong by redoing the debate that excluded candidate Mulcahy and entrusting voters to make the best choice by having a informed electorate. Shame on Democratic candidate Donovan for avoiding the issue out of convenience. It’s also troubling that the Vail Daily (who should have been covering this issue because it happened in Eagle County) completely missed the reason the debate was pulled from the Eagle County website.

Also, it’s troubling that of the four debates held thus far for this office, Mulcahy has been excluded from every one of them. Do the organizers of these debates have the right to assume they are protecting the populace from the bother of (or, gasp, making the unthinkable mistake of) considering a third possibility for representation in the Colorado Senate?

I’ve casually known Lee for many years, and he has some interesting viewpoints and a platform that I think crosses party lines and should appeal to a lot of people who want to seek a better Colorado, whether they label themselves as Democrats or Republicans. It also should appeal to many who, out of inborn bias, might revile the word “Libertarian.” To those, I would suggest asking yourself one thing: just how good a job have those Democrats and Republicans been doing recently on most levels of state and federal government?

Some will be concerned that Lee’s lack of experience in elected office might hinder him, but let’s be real here. Most of the Colorado Senate members have long records of holding elected office before going to Denver, and it doesn’t seem to have improved their performance very much. Is elected office experience really a relevant item on a political candidates resume anymore? There’s an old saying that if you keep making the same mistake you will achieve the same outcomes, perhaps it is time for voters to quit making the same mistake if they are not happy with the outcome of their last vote.

Perhaps a better basis for a career in politics is someone who never saw themselves as pursuing an elected office, but through personal trials and tribulations came face to face with the reality that things need to change and decided to give it their all to change it. It’s been said that for a good leader to emerge that the times call that man to office, and I think that is what has happened with Mulcahy. Let’s give him a chance (and your vote).

Chris Neuswanger


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