Letter: Vote for Basalt community-minded candidates

I met my wife, Jennifer Riffle, at the Wheeler Opera House at an obscure foreign-movie night. I fortuitously noticed her vision, cleverness, intelligence and charm with the one-line synopsis she shared regarding the film. She can succinctly summarize like no other. Through our marriage, she has consistently adjusted her vision, created a caring, thriving community and worked with focus at her commitments at an unparalleled level. Basalt would be fortunate to have such a smart, invested, creative and youthful yet mature cookie.

Jenn is a practiced listener, communicator and negotiator; she would be a solid voice for our community. For those of you who know Jenn, you know she is no pushover. She would ensure that Basalt development moves in a direction of more public spaces rather than high-end residential. She is her own intelligent perspective person, too, courageous and organized so others want to consider her intuitive perspectives. In the school of life, like I, she is an A-plus student who does her homework and earnestly enjoys it.

Basaltines, strongly consider voting for the candidates with a community-minded attitude and long-term vision. Regarding the candidates currently on the council, it is easy to look back at their voting records to see how they stand on the issues. Incumbent Mayor Jacque Whitsitt consistently votes for the community first. Jacque has voted against $15 million of our sales tax possibly subsidizing Mariner Corp. in Willits. She cast a vote to decline large development on the Pan and Fork. Most recently, she voted in support of placing an initiative on the ballot that would give the public the opportunity to vote on the town of Basalt purchasing the Pan and Fork, thus giving our community start-to-end control of development options. Jacque would stand up for our small-town character and not let developers pilfer our town’s tax revenue or natural legacy. Her opponent, Rick Stevens, has voted the exact opposite as Whitsitt on these issues, which demonstrates his interests are more in line with what developers are proposing rather than what the community is voicing.

Katie Schwoerer shares a similar community-minded, astute, earnest approach toward the best Basalt can be. During this campaign, I have been part of numerous conversations with Katie. With her past experience on the Basalt council, strong fiscal background and vision for the Basalt river park, she would be a great asset for you and our town.

If you were one of the 70 percent of respondents to the planning survey that stated maintaining Basalt’s character is very important, then Jenn, Katie and Jacque are the candidates who would best represent you!

Basaltines, it’s time to for your voice to be heard. This is a mail-in ballot, and you should have received your ballot in the mail. If not, check with Pam Schilling at Town Hall (970-927-4701) on the status of your ballot, and be sure to mail by March 30 or deliver in person by April 5. On Facebook, see JennForBasalt to meet Jenn.

John Perko