Letter: Vote Auden for visionary leadership

Everywhere we look in our valley, we see change happening before our eyes. It takes energy and commitment to stay ahead of the wave, and navigating this changing landscape can be often be tricky. The best leaders are not top-down commanders, but instead they help citizens imagine their future and consider their choices. They inspire folks to stand up, speak up and dive into issues when they would typically not even be involved.

Auden Schendler brings these qualities as a leader and is already encouraging dialogue while offering a framework that would be powered by community input and balanced with a forward-looking worldview. I urge you to discover Auden’s platform and views at Auden would be a tremendous asset to the town of Basalt and everyone who lives there. Above all else, please stand up to vote for your future and be a part of its design.

Dave Munk

Missouri Heights