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Letter: Visualize using your turn signal

Visualize using your turn signal

Dear Editor:

I try not to write letters to the editor that may upset some readers. But sometimes I can’t help myself.

I saw an ad where you can buy a new Range Rover for just under $84,000. A couple of days later I was behind a new Range Rover (it still had dealer tags) as it turned onto Brush Creek, no turn signal. To my surprise, there was a Land Rover behind me, no turn signal.

Even when I drove a skier shuttle in A$pen, I noticed Rovers came without turn signals. I asked one of my friends if he knew why. And he did.

He said he used to work for the wealthy and the weird as he calls them and knew why Rovers don’t come with turn signals. There are more important things to do while driving. You know like talking on your cellphone about what party to attend or which home to fly off to and when.

I also found an answer to my question when I saw a new Rover (A$pen model) parked in A$pen. I looked in side and on the left side of the steering wheel column there was a small platform. There was a cradle for a cell phone, a dock for an iPpad and just enough room for an emergency make up kit.

So it must be true that there are more important things to do while driving other than practicing safe driving habits and being courteous to other drivers by letting them know if you are turning.

Harry Temple III

Snowmass Village

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