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Letter: Veazy does it

I read attorney Stu Nichols’ letter, “Who is this guy?” (Dec. 23, The Aspen Times).

I wonder what law school he graduated from when his fallacious head trips have him attack my highly-developed intellect with: “What uninformative, illogical and baseless writings!”

I’m glad U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harold (“Harry”) Andrew Blackmun’s advice from his summer 1979 lecture at the Aspen Institute helps me over the decades.

His advice helped me to testify in June 1983 before a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission panel presided over by SEC Commissioner Bevis Longstreth.

Besides, his advice comes in handy whenever I testify before local, county, state and federal government bodies.

As a sidebar, when I mentioned J. Paul Getty upon responding to a question from the 1983 SEC panel, then SEC Commissioner Longstreth blurted out loud, “I worked for Getty Oil!”

My man Stu Nichols should frequent the Pitkin County Library often to learn some reading and writing. A hickory stick would have taught him to think and do instead of dribbling from his mouth.

Happy New Year 2014, folks! Let’s get busy and make lots of cash money. Ka-ching!

Enuff said!

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, Calif. and Aspen