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Letter: Veazy does it

It is time to step up to the front after reading “Jury finds Wylys acted fraudulently in asset sales” (Aspen Daily News, May 14) and “Despite verdict, Wylys regarded as generous” (The Aspen Times, May 15).

The molasses talk portrayed in these two articles by people and who they represent at-large could be testimony by a rubber ducky kiting and bouncing checks in “The Snake Pit” (an old movie that took place in an insane asylum).

The speculative pontifications of implied “could see” (fortune telling) and “did all the right things” (kowtowing) imply the Wylys were inferior in character, culture, constitution and breeding and on the wrong side of taking dignified critical stands that the sanctimonious Aspen-area liberal bigots only give lip service to.

Let me take you back to “Sam Wyly’s Biggest Gamble” (John Merwin, D magazine, 1975):

“Wyly’s political initiation proceeded as swiftly as his political naivete washed away. It began the day Wyly received a telephone call from Alan Steelman, complaining that Maurice Stans was sabotaging Wyly’s pet project, the President’s Council on Minority Business Enterprise, which was funded by Stans’ Commerce Department. … Incredible, Wyly thought, that a member of the Cabinet would torpedo the President’s plans. … Wyly says, … ‘When Stans started making trouble Alan (Steelman) would call me and I would call John Ehrlichman to stop it.’ … ‘That’s right,’ Ehrlichman says, ‘I called Maurice Stans about that plenty of times. You’ve got to remember Stans’ constituency was big business and at that time, big businessmen really didn’t care about minority business enterprise. I spent entire days pressuring people like Stans.’

“Wyly’s second political awakening came during the Melvin Laird canned-hams incident.

“Minority enterprise needed a showcase project and Wyly had been fostering one in Dallas named Garlan Foods. … The factory opened and began production … with a gentlemen’s agreement that the Department of Defense would sign a contract to buy millions of canned hams. … Several weeks after the opening … word came that Secretary Laird … said … ‘hell no’ to purchasing the hams. Without the contract Garland Foods and Wyly’s grand minority enterprise plans were sunk.

“Dallasite Walter Durham coordinated a political battle, beginning with the Defense Department’s procurement section. … Wlyly sent a two page letter to the President … ‘If you really do support the idea of minority enterprise, President Nixon, you will so indicate by telling Secretary Laird to buy those hams.’

“Ehrlichman said he took the letter to the President, who said he wanted the hams bought. ‘I began calling Laird,’ Ehrlichman says, ‘who resisted at first but gave in … Laird’s problem was … Defense Department bureaucrats don’t like to be told where to buy hams — they don’t liked to overruled. …

“Though Wyly won the battle over minority enterprise funding and he had conquered resistance to the canned hams purchase, he wasn’t the same idealistic Sam Wyly who jumped wide-eyed into politics a year or two earlier. Amazed at what he had seen, Wyly was turned off.”

Well, folks, Sam Wyly sure makes the insincere Aspen-area liberal bigoted establishment shine, doesn’t he? As we Americans say, “Proof is in the pudding.”

Those two photographs of Sam and Cheryl Wyly in The Wall Street Journal on May 8 and 13 say much. Study and analyze them. What do they emote and say? Surprise yourself!

Sam Wyly, take a bow. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

Enough said!

Best wishes,

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen

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