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Letter: Veal for thought

Veal for thought

I am outraged by the senseless cruelty of the veal factory. For the sake of increased profits, agribusiness has adopted the most cruel farming practice in history and the deliberate raising of sick and anemic animals.

The baby calf is torn from his mother only hours after birth. He is locked in a 22-inch wide “veal crate” for his entire life. Chained at the neck, he can’t even turn around. Kept in the dark, he struggles to escape, gets no solid food — not even fresh drinking water — forcing him to him drink more of his iron-deficient antibiotic drug-laced liquid feed that causes severe diarrhea and makes him anemic.

The drugs, both dangerous and illegal, keep the calves alive until slaughter. Some of them are so weak that they collapse taking the first steps from their crate to the truck.

It somebody would abuse a dog or cat like this, they would go to jail. Because a baby calf is destined to be slaughtered does not mean he should live in agony his entire life!

If you eat veal, be aware of the danger because more than one-third of the veal calves sampled by the Humane Farming Association have tested positive for the illegal and highly toxic drug Clenbuterol.

Basha Belkova