Letter: Van Beek for sheriff

I am writing to express my support of James van Beek for sheriff. I have known James for more than 22 years, since meeting him while working at the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office. I’ve known James and Carrie before they were married.

James and I worked under the leadership of A.J. Johnson as deputies in the Patrol Division. Having worked with James, I can say with confidence and admiration that he would make an excellent leader as sheriff.

James is not impulsive. I’ve consistently seen him hear out both sides of an issue whether investigating a crime or problem solving with co-workers. James is fair and will hear the issues of the community.

James is respected by those he works with and serves. I’ve not heard anyone complain about him personally or professionally.

James has a varied background in leadership. Part of that leadership comes from his experience in the United Nations mission in Kosovo where he helped citizens of that country develop a police organization. He both trained and supervised in that service. Additionally, James continued that work in Afghanistan. Both of these jobs involved working in high stress and dangerous conditions. It also meant that he had to work with a variety of people in order to accomplish the goals and challenges before him.

Personally, I know James to be a man of faith who serves his community and family in humility. That humility comes with strength and confidence. So he has a balanced approach to all that he does. He is a man of his word, whose character is solid.

Having said all of this, I hope to give you a picture of a man who will serve with honor and dignity the people of Eagle County.

Steven Huskey

Police officer/former Eagle County sheriff sergeant